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45432 Real Life Emergencies
From Life Alert ® Members

We at Life Alert strive on providing excellent and prompt service to our members and helping them in any way possible.

Below are some real life stories submitted to Life Alert by our thankful members.

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My mom fell in the kitchen and busted up her head. She could have died on this fall. She was in and out of consciousness, but the Life Alert person got help moving towards her. I was notified and given accurate information, quick and efficiently. The system worked. She was trapped face down in a pool of her own blood. I and my family are grateful to all of you!

G.S., Fresno, CA

My mother fell in the shower. I was so scared, but she had already pressed the shower Life Alert. By the time I opened the door, I was already talking to a rep, and the response by EMS was awesome. Thank God, she didn’t hurt herself. Life alert is better to have and not need it, than to need it and not have it!

E.L. Kerrville, TX

[She] lives alone and is 92 years old. I live across the street from her and it brings her and me peace of mind that she always has her Life Alert button, so she’s never alone in an emergency!

A.K., Hazle Township, PA

This is the fifth (or sixth) time my mom has hit her Life Alert button. Each time, help arrived quickly, and got her to the hospital. She’s had four cardiac stents and two pulmonary embolisms that were the result of her hospitalizations, but the speedy responses helped prevent permanent damage to her heart.

L.N., Woodbury, NJ

I was boiling eggs on the stove when I slipped and fell. I could not get up and the eggs started to burn. I pushed the button on my Life Alert necklace, and the rescue squad and fire department came quickly!

C.D., Levittown, PA

Mom fell, and she was able to push the [Life Alert] bracelet. Thanks thanks thanks! If she did not have it on, it would have been 12 hours or a lot more until she was found. Thanks again!

C.H., Overton, TX

My dad was suddenly hit with vertigo and was vomiting while in the bathroom. He pressed his pendant button and could only respond with “HELP.” Life Alert immediately contacted paramedics, who came and took him to the ER. Thank you, Life Alert!

J.K., Rhodhiss, NC

My 97-year-old dad had an epileptic seizure. Life Alert alarmed his aide and summoned help quickly as well as notify my sister and myself. Thank you!

S.D., Milltown, NJ

I fell in the backyard and I couldn’t get up. I called Life Alert and the response was quick. I was asked my name and what the problem was. They called the [local] EMS and Life Alert kept talking to me during the process. Police arrived within three minutes, followed by EMS personnel. Life Alert spoke with EMS, while they took care of me and took me into the house. Life Alert kept in touch with EMS until they left. Life Alert also contacted my daughters and called me to make sure I was OK.

L.M., Millbury, OH

I fell in the bathtub and could not get up. I called Life Alert. They sent my local ambulance. Sent two courteous, knowledgeable women, who got me up and out in no time. My husband was beside himself, as he could not lift me out. Great!!

E.B., Brooklyn, NY

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