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43298 Real Life Emergencies
From Life Alert ® Members

We at Life Alert strive on providing excellent and prompt service to our members and helping them in any way possible.

Below are some real life stories submitted to Life Alert by our thankful members.

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My mom fell and fractured her elbow and leg and was lucid. Spoke to Life Alert as she was wearing the pendant. I was called as was my brother. When I arrived just 5 minutes later, the paramedics and police were there and the EMT captain was speaking to Life Alert over the box. They shared info on meds and her history- it was very impressive and helpful. Mom got help within 5 minutes. My mom always felt safer with the pendant on her neck.

E.S., Pinecrest, FL

I cannot praise Life Alert’s team of helpers enough! First, the voice that talks to you until help comes. She is so comforting. When help arrives, they are so smart, get right to work and comfort you and if need be, off to the hospital. I love them.

M.G., Bradenton, FL

A stranger came to the door of my apartment. I paged my Life Alert. You called the police like I asked. They came but the man had left. The police told me to call them back if he came again. He never did. You people stayed with me the whole time. It was very comforting! The following day, or was it later on the same day, you called back!

M.W., East Providence, RI

I fell backwards at the side of my bed. Hit the back of my head with a terrible blow on the front corner of a grandfather clock. Was wedged in and couldn’t move or get up. Pushed my [Life Alert] button and received immediate response. They lady stayed on the phone with me until help arrived. What I pay for Life Alert is worthy of every penny! I’m a widow and live alone.

M.A., Port Orange, FL

My mother in law fell. She pushed her Life Alert button on her necklace. They tried to call her back and couldn’t get her so they called me. The dispatcher told me the button was pushed and they couldn’t get a hold of her and already had ambulance and first responders on the way. We are very thankful we got Life Alert. Thank you so much for the fast response.

F.F., Louisville, MS

I had to call [Life Alert] when I fell outside my house. I pushed my button and when they couldn’t talk to me, they called my son and notified my daughter. Before I knew what happened, the crew was here. I would recommend [Life Alert] to all my family and friends.

E.F., Adams, NY

In a semi-dark living room, I tripped forward into a lift chair then to the floor. Unable to get up – I pressed the Life Alert button. (Prior to getting Life Alert, I had fallen a few times and spent up to 3 hours on the floor before I could manage to knock the phone onto the floor to call 911). I have never felt so secure and safe since I got Life Alert. Help was on the way – fast! Courteous Life Alert staff calming and reassuring me as I waited. Don’t know how I managed before getting Life Alert.

M.C., Eau Claire, WI

[My husband] had fallen. I do not have the strength to pick him up. [The Life Alert] operator responded promptly and stayed with me until the EMT arrived. The outcome was very positive. We never regret having signed up with Life Alert.

J.R., Staten Island, NY

I fell on my way to the toilet and got my knee hung up under the bed. I pushed my Life Alert button. The firemen came and not only lifted me off the floor but cleaned me up too. I LOVE my Life Alert, it’s helped me so many times when I have fallen. It keeps me living independently!

J.S., Bremerton, WA

I’m wheelchair bound. My electric wheelchair was stuck to my hospital bed and when I moved so did my bed. So, I pushed the button around my neck and Life Alert was right on time as always!!!

S.A., Buford, GA

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