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41644 Real Life Emergencies
From Life Alert ® Members

We at Life Alert strive on providing excellent and prompt service to our members and helping them in any way possible.

Below are some real life stories submitted to Life Alert by our thankful members.

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Our daughter and her husband were visiting us. All of a sudden her husband began to shake and his body began to stiffen up. We called Life Alert and they called the paramedics. [EMS] was here in five minutes. He was taken to the hospital. He had a mix up in his medication. He came home in three days.

D.S., Shelby Township, MI

I tripped and fell down in my bedroom and was unable to stand. The Life Alert staff responded quickly and made me feel safe and secure. They were professional and polite.

K.A., Hempstead, NY

When my mother pressed the help button on the Life Alert station, they responded immediately, asking what is wrong, help is on the way. The EMT’s were at mom’s house in minutes. Life Alert stayed on the phone with mom until EMTs arrived. Luckily, only an anxiety attack. Great job, Life Alert!

A.G., San Antonio, TX

I had fallen on three separate occasions during the past five years. I suffered from chronic Meniere’s disease (inner ear affliction). I could not get up. My wife was with me, but she did not have the strength to help me get up. Life Alert was summoned, and within minutes, three paramedics arrived to assist me.

R.P., Victor, NY

My 91 year old mother was home late one night with my 96 year old father who is wheelchair bound and has dementia. She fell and cracked five ribs and of course my father was unable to call for help. Thank goodness she had her Life Alert necklace and Life Alert called the paramedics and myself. They stayed on the line and followed up until the paramedics got there. I hate to think what would happen if she had not had Life Alert. Thank you.

H.B., Jackson, NC

My mother fell in her home on 3/1/20. She was conscious and able to push her Life Alert pendant- when she was unable to answer her phone call from Life Alert, they immediately contacted the EMTs and her family.

E.D., Ballwin, MO

My husband fell. Life Alert called the EMT’s. They were here within minutes. Life Alert stayed on the machine until they were sure my husband was OK. We are very pleased with Life Alert.

J.D., North Highland Hills, TX

My 92 year old dad had a mild stroke and fell off the bed. He pushed the Life Alert button and next thing I knew, I was getting a phone call. I thank god he had the Life Alert on and used it; if not, he might have died on the floor.

E.F., North Palm Beach, FL

I fell to the floor and could not get up. I pressed the [Life Alert] button I wear around my neck and a staff member responded asking if I was OK. She then said, “Help is on the way.” Responders gave me directions and had me up in no time at all. I received wonderful help.

J.D., San Jose, CA

I was taken to the emergency room for an attack of vertigo and AFIB. The Life Alert staff acted immediately to get me help fast. They stayed with me until help came. That was comforting and reassuring.

A.B., Shelby, NC

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